Safety factor of at least 4.8 or higher. Very compact and light body, 5.5 kg 0.5 ton, easy to carry. Strong and dimensionally stable house made of high-quality metal. Durable brake discs guarantee a longer service life. The strongest hoist load chain B39VH, Grade 10. High-quality solid forged hooks with a strong and stable safety latches for even greater safety.<br>·<br>·Properties<br>·Light and compact design.<br>·Galvanized load chain with high tensile strength, Grade 10.<br>·Galvanized hand chain.<br>·Reliable load pressure brake that holds the load at any desired height.<br>·Patented guide for the load chain.<br>·Double pawl spring for extra safety.<br>·Safety latches on top and bottom hook.<br>·<br>·Standard delivery<br>·3 meters lifting height (max. between top and bottom hook).<br>·2.5 meters operating height.<br>·<br>·Option<br>·Available in any other lifting and operational heights.

Palan manuel C21 REMA